Dr. Jose Montoya

EBV -  HHV-6 (A)  Valcyte

Dr. Montoya  devised a trial using valganciclovir for 24 weeks, an antiviral drug used to treat HHV-6. He found patients with high levels of EB virus and HHV-6 antibodies showed dramatic improvements in physical and cognitive function over a period of six months. Patients got worse before they improved, the study noted, and results were comparable no matter how long the participant had the disease.

Multiple studies have shown that a subgroup of chronic fatigue syndrome patients have elevated antibodies for HHV-6. Dr. Montoya led a follow-up study using the same drug, and his results showed differences in the trajectory scores in cognitive function, fatigue, and mental fatigue over time between those treated and those given placebo.

ďThis is the first evidence that intervention with the appropriate drug can make a significant difference in physical and cogitative function,Ē he said, especially for those with elevated antibodies to HHV-6 and EB virus.