Hyperthermia St. George Lyme Testimonials

Hyperthermia St. George Lyme Testimonials


Is the treatment at St. George with Hyperthermia for Lyme very good, so-so or not useful?


In the St. George clinic besides cancer patients also Lyme patients are treated. With hyperthermia

at 41.6 degrees Celsius about 106.9 degrees Fahrenheit. And with antibiotics and supplements.

The price is high. For 14 days treatment with 2 hyperthermia treatments the price is 15.000 euro.

The first Hyperthermia treatment brings one to 41.6 degrees in two hours then lets you stay at 41.6 degrees for two hours and then cools you down slowly for two hours. So in total 6 hours. The second course is at a lower temperature.



But does it finish Lyme disease as it promises?


With search only 7 testimonials could be found on Google:

Michelle McKeon: Saved her life she says, is feeling much better, but she is still not there. Looks for other treatment options.


Kali: June-2016 to St. George. 3 weeks. Very sick in the months after treatment. Sept. 2016 Still sick but better than before treatment. May 2017 still sick.


Rebecca: 26 years long Lyme disease. Could not walk and sometimes speak anymore. Can walk and speak now. Feels better but still not back. Still looking for more treatments. The fight is not over.

Sophia: 2 months before posting in St. George. Felt better when she came home after treatment.

Old symptoms have returned. Dr. said could be the co-infections like Bartonella and the Hyperthermia does not kill the co-infections.


Tavia: 3 months after treatment. Still a lot of problems. Appendix needs to be removed.

Nick: Tick bite 2004. Multiple Sclerosis, Borrelia, Ross River virus and Mycoplasma. July 2016 St. George. Costs total about usd 30.000. Previous to being bitten an energetic man. 6 months before posting went to St. George, (about 2016). Upon return significant improvement. Increased energy, less brain fog. No better eye sight. Can not drive or work and uses antibiotics now. Still looking for improvement.


Sara: Sara Mulhern 18 years old. 9 years lyme. Borrelia Pnuenomia, mono nucleosis and Bartonella. Jan 2017 to St. George. Is still recovering but feels amazing.


Karin:  Karin Frost. June 2014 to St. George. One year later some improvements but still in pain on a daily basis. One Dr. at St. George told her that Lyme could be killed but not the Bartonella she also has. She is disappointed but continuous to fight.


Conclusion: Mostly possible partly improvement. Never a total cure.  Mostly still sick and looking for improvement. No cure for the usual also existing co-infections.




What is included?


Labs pre and post treatment

Weekly visit from all the doctors

Daily access to the treating doctors

24 hour nurse available to you

All bloods tests

All testing including ultrasounds, ECG, EEG, CRS, Dark field (metabolic testing)

All meals

All supplements

All homeopathics

All antibiotic IVís

All vitamin IVís (including 8 x vitamin C)

2x Whole Body Hyperthermia

2 x Colonic Irrigation

2x Enema

8x Singulet oxygen

8x Ozone

8x Magnetic Field Treatment

8x Laser Treatments

Weekly Reiki Treatments

Access to yoga and meditation classes

Supplement package to take home home treatment

Full report of all examinations / treatments / recommendations specific to you



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